At Stappan Seaproducts, we extend a warm welcome to explore our diverse services, including boat trips, cottages, a seafood restaurant, and our signature stockfish offerings.

Explore our diverse range of services at Stappan Seaproducts, where we are open from June 10th to September 28th every day.

For unforgettable boat trips, contact us via email at ro71no@stappan.no or give us a call at +47 95037722 to book your appointment. Let us make your experience with us a truly special and memorable one!

Organization number: 982521505

Stappan Seaproducts inc

Kobbenesveien 8

9765 Gjesvær

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For orders and other enquiries

Email: ro71no@stappan.no

Phone: +47 95037722